Learning Philosophy

Fractal TreeFractal Thinking
Ideas don’t simply come and go: they expand infinitely until interrupted.

Fractal Thinker© defined
A person who has expansively hyper-aware internal moments which appear inattentive to others. They process external variables using intricate variations of possible outcomes and examine the interrelationships between prior understandings. Sometimes fractal thinking becomes imagined knowledge.

“To outsiders, my students might seem lazy, inattentive, or oppositional-defiant, because they are seen as one of the people in a classroom who are not following the teacher’s prescribed expectations. Often these students are thinking deeply and differently. Being gifted, creative or highly visual often means that there are layers of being both highly able and highly challenged compared to age peers. Some of these children became adults, still unable to understand the expectations of their officemates.

I guide my students to embrace their Fractal Thinking or to unmask the roots of their educational frustrations and to examine the possible interpretations of others. Together we grow a new, positive learning presence and develop strategies to be entirely themselves, yet able to work with their peers and colleagues.”