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The Power of Self-Awareness for Twice-Exceptional Students: An Educational Therapy Perspective by Cynthia Z. Hansen, EdD, ET/P, Spring 2023, The Educational Therapist, 44(1), 9-15. Copyright 2023 by the Association of Educational Therapists.  Posted with permission.

Creating Meaning out of the Spinner-Fidget Craze

Coping With the “Dreaded” Class: 7 Strategies to Help Students Survive All of Their Classes at TierOne Tutors

Transforming a Student’s Persistence, Resilience, and Motivation: Improving Executive Skills through Mathematics at 2e Newsletter

When Lazy Doesn’t Make Sense: How Executive Functions Impact Achievement

Poster: Executive Functions with a Gifted Perspective

Amplified Ways of Being and the Gifted Child

Fractal Thinkers Defined

Fractal Thinkers’ Process

AET Webinar: Revealing Hidden Strengths: Tips to Support Struggling Learners with Superior Abilities   Association of Educational Therapists

TCB WebinarWhen Lazy Doesn’t Make Sense  Tri-County Branch International Dyslexia Association