What folks say about Cindy…

“My son, age nine, has worked with Mrs. Hansen for the past two years. An early reader and gifted math enthusiast, he entered Kindergarten as an eager learner but by the start of 2nd grade complained about school and was crying in frustration at math time. Mrs. Hansen stepped in to work with him weekly and reignited his love of math, by showing him how the concepts that intrigued him extended far beyond the curriculum he was seeing in the classroom to the world around us. She also devised and coordinated a learning plan with his teachers to allow him to progress at his own accelerated pace during math instruction in the classroom. Equally importantly, she understands the social-emotional challenges for a divergent thinker. She helped him understand how his mind works and gave him tools to reconcile his uniqueness with his peers and the traditional educational expectations facing him.  And in addition to supporting my son, she encouraged and educated me in my role as his parent and advocate. Mrs. Hansen is a precious wellspring of experience, knowledge, and resources, with a whole-hearted passion for working with young learners.” Tiffany Peters, parent

“I just wanted to say hi and thank you again for everything… That’s it. Just wanted to say I think you are super awesome and thank you. And make sure you know what a positive impact you have on people’s lives.”  Dan W.,  former adult client 

“I knew when I heard Cindy present at the California Association for the Gifted conference that I wanted her to work with my son. Not only does she have the professional knowledge of brain function and development, she has personal experience working with students who struggle within the school system. Cindy has gained tremendous rapport with my son and has helped to guide him in ways that I simply cannot as his parent. She has given him tools to help him navigate his way through college and his confidence has increased with each of his successes. I could not have dreamed up a better coach! Julie Soske, parent

“Cindy has specific understanding and strength in communicating what is needed to support children in their development of executive functioning and self-regulation skills that are so crucial for learning and development.  In her support of students who struggle with executive function delays, Cindy has enabled them to develop more positive behavior and to make healthier choices as they increase their working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control.”  Karen Morse, Dean of Students, Berkeley Hall School

“I have known Cindy Hansen for over 6 years. We met when I was a parent seeking educational advice and support for my child. As The Knox School of Santa Barbara transformed from dream to reality, our professional relationship began.  Cindy graciously offered her time experience, and Rolodex, as I sought advisors, board members, professional development, social-emotional and curriculum specialists.  As a consultant and as a staff member, Cindy displays the highest degree of integrity and professionalism and has always maintained the highest ethical standards which reflect her high expectations for continual self-growth and deeper understanding of the children she serves. She consistently and passionately pursues current research and best-practices and to confidently employ the most optimal assessments or strategies.  Her ability to collaborate during parent meetings and to guide parents has been a critical piece of building and supporting our student base.”  Dr. Angela Tanner, Founder & Director, The Knox School of Santa Barbara